Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chef Heath Finnell's Ribeye Perfection

While interviewing Chef Heath Finnell of Cafe' Bacchus in Morgantown for a story in the summer issue of WV Living Magazine, I asked him where he liked to eat when he wasn't turning out fantastic dishes for his patrons.  Expecting him to want someone else to do the cooking for once, his answer surprised me,  "I love to hang out in the backyard and grill," says Heath.   

With summer just around the corner (and fathers day too) I asked Heath if he would share some of his grilling techniques with the readers of WV Living and I'm so glad he said yes, I think you will be too.  

~~Joy Bell


  1. I learned a lot from the video. Who knew that you could use your thumb to determine how well a steak is cooked...

  2. any thoughts on a marinade or seasoning that would work well with a ribeye?

  3. Where has this guy been hiding? He made everything so simple and accessible. I have passed this link on to at least 20 people in my email address book and they have all taken down the recipe. Would love to see more of Chef Finnell.